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“I am a practicing internal medicine doctor and two members of my family suffer from Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Gastroenteritis. The medical community understands very little about these diseases (many have not even heard of them). This means that people who experience the disease in themselves and loved ones are officially our experts.

Jill has this experience. She has talked to numerous doctors and lived through the physical and emotional struggles—Jill gets it.

This alone is therapeutic, but Jill also shares her wisdom. She has recipes to help provide both taste and nutrition, samples that can please even a 3-year-old, and a demeanor that reassures everyone.

Thanks to Jill we have safe foods in our home we did not know existed, we know stores that have a variety of allergy friendly options, and my daughter has maintained her growth curve. No doctor or nurse or website or medical journal could have helped us so practically. “

Patrick J Gallagher, MD SC
211 E Chicago Ave
Ste 1700
Chicago, IL 60611
Ofc: 312-995-8961

I worked with Jill when dealing with stress issues for my husband and what kind of dietary changes I could make to help him handle his stress and try to keep him healthy during his more stressful work periods. I already had ideas of the direction I needed to go but to be able to bounce them off of Jill and tap into her wealth of knowledge was comforting. Not to mention she gave me some avenues I had not thought about.

Jill is a warm, caring kindhearted individual that will give you 100% of her focus, time, talent and passion. She is an excellent listener and willing to share ideas and troubleshoot with you to come up with avenues that will work specifically for your family/needs. Having gone down this road herself she is well versed in what it takes to get positive results, the road blocks that you may encounter and effort required and needed. She will tirelessly work for you always.

M.C. Palatine, IL

Jill with Decide 2 Thrive is an amazing person- very positive, energetic, compassionate and also very knowledgeable about nutrition. I always love seeing her, she is the person that lights up the room. Jill is very experienced and you can feel how passionate she is about helping children. I recommend Jill to all parents!

Diana Matichyn, Arlington Heights, IL

Jill is so committed to helping others learn about better health, nutrition and overall wellness. I've known her for years and am consistently impressed by her kindness, enthusiasm, and wisdom about wellness. I attended her Sugar Blues workshop and my eyes were really opened to the effects of sugar on my body. She is an encouraging consultant who genuinely wants each of us to feel strong and healthy and she provides great practical advice on how to do so.

S.G. Palatine, IL